Celebrate your child's birthday with a Growing Arts class in your home!
Contact Iris for scheduling and rates: iris@growingartscenter.com
Growing Arts will customize a Creative Movement, Yoga, Storytelling, Drama or Art experience for your child's special day.  Let us know your child's favorite form of creative self expression and we'll do the rest.  
Creative Movement and Yoga:

Stretching, Yoga Adventures, 
Group Games, Freeze Dance, Music, Singing, Choreograph and perform unique dances, Dancing with Scarves, Ribbons or Silk Wands and a Calming Relaxation 
Storytelling and Drama: 

Listen to Fairy Tales or Folk Tales, Group Storytelling creating a story together, Drama Games, Create and perform original scenes and short plays
Visual and Tactile Art: 

Create individual and group Collages, Make your own Playdough, Crowns, Party Hats, Masks, Books or Puppets
Dancing & Singing ~ Stretching & Yoga ~ Music & Stories ~ Relaxation & Play 

Growing Arts
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