Children LOVE Growing Arts!

“Yeah, today we’re going to dance!” ~ Eli, 2 

“I like jumping and slithering like a snake.  I like dancing with the scarves, we throw them and blow them!” ~ Brody, 2 1/2 

“I like movement!  I like to do stretches.  Being as big as a giant is my favorite!” ~ Crow, 3

“I like dancing like the animals and lying down and resting.” 
~ Eojin, 3 1/2 

“My favorite part was spinning too much and spinning too fast.” ~ Daniel, 4 

“I liked doing the curving shapes.  Actually, I like all the shapes.” ~ Peyton, 4

“I like creative movement because it’s more funner.” ~ Kate, 4 1/2

“I liked the butterfly dance.  My favorite part of the class is singing  Colors Around Us.  You know what, I think you are a good class teacher.” ~ Hannah, 5 

“I like the carwash and the ribbons.  I like the slow motioning when we’re dancing.” ~ Sophie, 5

“I like doing the smooth motions.  One of my smooth motions I remember is slithering.” ~ Madeleine, 5 1/2

"I love movement class very much.  We do lots of different things every day." ~ Elsie, 6

“I appreciate moving because I get a lot of energy.” ~ Chloe, 7

“I liked exploring a different topic each week.” ~ Sara, 8

“I really enjoyed this class especially because my teacher was really nice” ~ Ellie, 9

“I really liked the name circles and that we did them every day and got to explore the new movements that we learned.” 
~ Jonas, 9

“It was active at the same time relaxing.  I would recommend it for everyone who loves moving.” ~ Ian, 9

“It was really fun making up my own dances and just being able to move.” ~ Ilana, 10

“If you had a really rough day this would be a great way to end it because it is very relaxing.” ~ Marie, 10

“It was fun because I got to find new ways that I can move my body.” ~ Emma, 10

“I liked it because it was calm action.” ~ Shane, 11

“Before I didn’t like exercising and always got excused from gym class but this is really fun.  It’s like fun exercise – now there’s an oxymoron.” ~ Daniel, 11

 “Such like a roller coaster this was thrilling!” ~ Eli, 12
Parents & Teachers LOVE Growing Arts!

"Iris is able to draw a group of three and four year olds into an expressive and joyful experience by understanding and respecting each one as an individual and the group as a whole."
~ Nancy Garron, Precious Beginnings Preschool, Dover, MA

“It’s so wonderful watching the children understand and explore what their bodies can do.  There is a good combination of structure and freedom.  The kids talk all week about teacher Iris days, we love it!”
~ Teachers Steph & Leslie 

“I like that you take standard everyday objects and do fun things with them.  I stretch everyday at home and now Quinn joins me all the time.” 
~ Quinn’s Dad

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Sophie enjoys the class. She literally walks us through the class every Tuesday evening, starting with your opening stretches, who picked which one, which one she picked, etc.  Thanks so much for your time and energy; Sophie loves it, especially because of you."
~ Sophie's Mom

“You have a calm effect on everybody.” 
~ Teacher Anna 

"Iris thinks out of the box and her work as storyteller, tactile art and creative movement specialist allows her to bring innovative and creative pathways to education."
~ Priscilla Sanville, Lesley University

“We play Teacher Iris at home.  We take out our yoga mats, do stretches and sing songs.  In the bathtub Lucia makes waves and sings the Going Swimming song.”  
~ Lucia’s Mom

“In the morning when she’s getting dressed Kate does all these movements.  She says ‘look mom I’m a butterfly!’  She does all these bending movements.  She is really taking it home.”   
~ Kate’s Mom

“Tessa’s favorite parts of dance class to recreate at home are definitely the opening and closing routines.  We know the songs by heart!  She also has us do the jumping song (instructing us to jump, fly, ‘swizzer,’ crawl and wiggle) and dance with scarves.  Friday is her favorite day of the week because of dance class - we have to count down the days each morning.” 
~ Tessa’s Mom

Dancing & Singing ~ Stretching & Yoga ~ Music & Stories ~ Relaxation & Play 

Growing Arts
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