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"Iris drew in children of all different ages until everyone was participating and dancing.  She has a lovely, positive manner and gentle voice, and combined signing, movement, stretching, music, and stories into an utterly enjoyable experience."       
Diana, Belmont Library
Smooth or sharp, strong or light, express yourself with all your might!  Jumping, spinning, leaping, soaring - so many ways to move!  Join Growing Arts movement educator Iris Nason for an engaging creative dance experience.  Children learn sign language, body awareness and creative self expression while connecting with new friends and families as they sing, sign, stretch, dance and play!
Growing Arts
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​Free Library Events:  Happy Valley every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10:30,
Molalla 3/28 10:30am, Dallas 6/26 10:30am, Bay City 6/27 12pm, South Tillamook 6/27 3pm, Lebanon 6/28 11am, Estacada 7/18 1:30pm, Garibaldi 7/20 12pm, N Tillamook Manzanita 7/20 3pm
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Stretch, Dance, Play!  Creative Movement Classes for young children and their families
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I Dance  Improvisational Dance for grades K-3 at Duniway Elementary
I Dance is an introduction to modern dance through improvisation.  Children learn to look to one another sharing ideas and inspiration to build a combined repertoire of movements. Focusing on the elements of dance brings awareness to each movement.  No dance experience needed, only an interest in trying something new!  
Tuesdays, April 3 - June 5, 3-4pm, room 8, $150, prorated if joining after the 1st class 
Limited to 12 students, click here to register today!  
Family and friends are invited to our informal performance on 5/5 at 3:30pm
Yoga Go!    Yoga for grades K-5
Yoga Go! is an action filled yoga class for movers. Introducing yoga poses, mantras, songs and movements to teach children body awareness, balance, coordination, focus and calm. Children learn to take turns, become positive leaders and build confidence through fun and respectful guidance.

​Lebanon Library 3/20 11am
Interested in classes for your homeschool group?  email Iris@GrowingArtsCenter.com