Going on a bike ride, Going on a bike ride
Going on a bike ride, Who do we see?
Leah's on a bike ride, Jake is on a bike ride,
They're friends on a bike ride, Riding with me!
Classes are available for camps, childcare centers, playgroups, homeschool groups and schools.  Contact us to schedule an Introductory Class today!
"There are many benefits that Creative Movement with Growing Arts provides for young children. Besides being fun and a positive experience, we have seen firsthand that the children involved in the process learn listening skills and spatial awareness. The program is so well rounded; there is opportunity for creative expression, music appreciation, dance and language. The children at our child development center look forward to the day that they have movement class. Our educational philosophy fosters a strong social and emotional component. The program that Growing Arts provides fits beautifully with our center's vision." 
~ Valerie Morlan, Citykids Child Development Center 
Dancing & Singing ~ Stretching & Yoga ~ Music & Stories ~ Relaxation & Play 

Growing Arts
what's your stretch today?
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Growing Arts classes are either 30 or 45 minutes long and are developmentally appropriate for each group 

Every class blends an element of dance into the dynamic Growing Arts curriculum which is full of songs, stories, stretching, sign language, music and an emphasis on positive group dynamics and self awareness  

Children share their own ideas and everyone has the opportunity to lead and follow   
Classes have been offered at many centers throughout Portland including: Happy Days, DAS, MCCA,Wee Works, CityKids Child Development Center, Hands On Art & Play, Small Wonders, ChildRoots, Providence Wee Care, Homegrown, MetroKids, Joyful Noise Downtown, JN East, Roots Toddler Community, Tumbleweed Infant House, Young Wonders, Helping Hands, Sunstone Montessori, Beth Israel Preschool, Meadowlark Preschool, Eastside Family Coop

Bring Growing Arts to your school!  Contact Iris@GrowingArtsCenter.com to schedule a discounted demo or to book for weekly, monthly or one time special events